Disneyland® Fastpass

Disneyland Fastpass

One of the best ways to save you time from those long lines is Disneyland Fastpass Service. This service is free to ALL park guests with a valid ticket. The service “saves your place in line” while you go do other things. Then when your time to return comes up you get to skip the main line and go through the Fastpass line which is much shorter!

This system is easy to use:

1. Visit any of the following attractions at Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park:

Disneyland Park

Disney California Adventure Park

As you can see not all attractions offer Fastpass.

2. Locate the Fastpass distribution machines typically found next to or close by the attraction. If you can’t find it ask any Cast Member. At the distribution machines you’ll notice a time sign with two times displayed. This is when you’ll need to return to the ride if you get a Fastpass then. For example let’s say the machine says 1:00pm-2:00pm. If you get a Fastpass right then you’ll need to return to the ride sometime during 1:00pm-2:00pm. Cast Members will not accept late arrivals so be sure to make it there on-time!

3. Once you’re at the machines insert one park ticket at a time and retrieve your Fastpass reminder. Do this for each member in your group. Now go do something fun until your return time comes up!

4. You can only have one Fastpass out at a time (sorta). So if we go by our example above you cannot receive another Fastpass until 1:00pm comes around. The service is unlimited otherwise meaning you can do this as many times as you want the entire day.

There are times when you can have multiple Fastpass’s out at once:

  1. World of Color show tickets are considered Fastpasses. You can have a World of Color show ticket Fastpass AND a ride attraction Fastpass at the same time.
  2. Any show that offers Disneyland Fastpass distribution will allow you to have more than one Fastpass at a time. You could have 2 show ticket Fastpasses AND a ride attraction Fastpass at once.
  3. Currently, Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters allows you to have a Fastpass for that attraction AND another attraction such as Star Tours or Space Mountain. This is the only case we’ve found where you can have 2 ride attraction Fastpasses out at the same time.

What is MaxPass?

MaxPass is an “upgrade” to the Disneyland Fastpass system. It was implemented in 2017 and changed a few things about how the Fastpass system works as well as added new features.

Changes: Machine and ticket use was the biggest change that happened with MaxPass. Guests still enter their park tickets into a machine to get a Fastpass but instead of the paper slip being your Fastpass entry the Fastpass now goes directly on your ticket. This means that when it’s time to use your Fastpass you actually just scan your ticket on the Fastpass entrance. You don’t need to show or hand the Cast Member your paper slip anymore. It’s just a reminder.

New Disneyland Fastpass scanning machines were added to the Fastpass lines of each attraction that offers Fastpass. The machines are barcode readers so when you put your ticket onto the barcode reader it will either light up green or light blue. Green means you’re good to go and light blue means there’s something wrong. You may be too early or you may not have a Fastpass for that ride. The Cast Member will let you know.

These changes are available to everyone at no additional cost.

Disneyland Fastpass

New Features: Just to get this out of the way, the new features do cost money. They’re currently $10 a day per person. MaxPass allows guests to purchase convenience for their Disneyland Fastpass experience. It allows you to make a Fastpass reservation through the Disneyland Resort app without having to visit a Fastpass machine. Let’s say you’re getting ready to go on the Matterhorn and you want to ride Splash Mountain soon cause it’s getting hot. Typically you would have to walk over to Splash Mountain and scan your ticket to get a Fastpass for it. Not with MaxPass! Just open the app, choose your Fastpass party, and select the next available Fastpass time.

It’s saves you a lot of extra walking time and helps you utilize more Fastpasses throughout the day.

MaxPass also includes unlimited PhotoPass downloads of your attraction photos and any other photos taken by a Disneyland PhotoPass photographer. That Splash Mountain photo you’ve always wanted? Now you can get it for only $10 plus others!

We think it’s worth buying MaxPass even if it’s just for 1 day.