Disneyland Hotel

Your stay at the Disneyland Hotel will be a magical one! As the original hotel of the Disneyland theme park this property hotel has been there the longest. In fact, when it was originally built the monorail would drive right up to it, pick-up hotel guests, and take them to Disneyland Park. It has a rich history and it’s one of our most favorite places to stay on the resort.

Checking-in to the hotel

Upon arrival to the hotel you will be escorted into the hotel lobby which is located in Fantasy Tower. You’ll notice the lobby is where your magical stay starts because of all the Disney characters you can find! Woohoo! Checking in will be easy because of this hotels amazing customer service. They know you want to get to your room as quickly as possible to start exploring the resort and drop off your things.

If your room isn’t quite ready yet that okay too. Bell services will hold all your luggage until it is ready and send you a text message at that point. Simply call them from your room and they will bring it up! Keep in mind that whether your room is ready or not you will be given room keys that will activate when your room does become ready. You can use your room keys to access the parks Extra Magic Hour that day if you arrived early enough.

Your room

When you do make it to your room get ready to be amazed! It’s such a magical experience! The hotel was renovated several years back and what they did was amazing. The first thing you notice when you walk in is the gigantic headboard that goes across the whole bed wall; and it’s not just for looks. Check this out:

Isn’t that amazing! We could listen to that all night long!

Your rooms location is going to be based on the room type that you purchased which could be: standard view, deluxe view, premium view, and Downtown Disney view. The standard view room will have views of the parking lot or the front of the hotel and typically be on a lower level of one of the towers. This is the cheapest room you can purchase. A deluxe view room will have you in the middle floors of a tower and some face the pools and trees.

The premium view rooms will be on the upper levels of the towers and typically face inward towards the pool area. The Downtown Disney view rooms will face you towards there and the parks on the upper levels of the towers.

Concierge can be added to any level of hotel room and gives those guests access to a concierge lounge for breakfast each morning, light snacks and drinks during the day, and a light cheese and wine platter in the evening. This service will add anywhere from $220 or more per night to your stay. We have done it before and never thought it was worth the price.

There are 3 places to stay

You may have noticed us saying “towers”; that’s because the Disneyland Hotel is made up of three separate towers for all the rooms.

The first tower is Fantasy Tower and it has the lobby of the hotel on its first floor along with the gift shop and the bigger convention centers. It’s tied for closest tower to Downtown Disney for the most part. This is the tower everyone want to stay in. We prefer it too as it decreases your walking time to the parks.

Disneyland Hotel

Adventure Tower is the next closest to Downtown Disney and is on the east side of the pool. The majority of this towers rooms either face the pool or Downtown Disney. If you end up staying on the south end of it you’ll have a little bit more of a walk to the parks then then the north end.

The last tower is Frontier Tower and is located at the south end of the resort. It has the furthest walk from from the lobby and Downtown Disney. Most people prefer not to stay in this tower because of that but it does feel a bit more secluded then the others. Depends on what you like.

The pool has a monorail slide..

…and it’s super awesome. The pool at the Disneyland Hotel is the best on the resort. It features two monorail slides and two separate pools. It also has 2 big whirlpool hot tubs that can hold like 20 people or more. They are big! The pool provides towels for you and swim diapers if you need them.

Pro Tip: When you get to the slides guests always wonder if there is a height limit or age that kids have to be to go down the slides. There isn’t. They just need to be able to go down the slide by themselves and be okay. It’s a strange concept to grasp at Disneyland but it works. Parents cannot go down with the kids. It’s one person at a time no matter the age.

They do offer a bar service from any of the lounge chairs and tables which is nice. Get down to the pool early and get those lounge chairs, especially in the summer time! You can also reserve cabanas in advance of your stay for any day.

The restaurants here are the best

We can’t say enough good things about the restaurants at the Disneyland Hotel. We love them all! They have everything from quick service dining to $$$.

Tangaroa Terrace is the best quick service place around. It offers casual island dining including Kālua pork BBQ sandwiches, shrimp tacos, Hawaiian burgers, and much more! They are open for every meal including breakfast which is also amazing!

Next door to Tangaroa Terrace is Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar and is THE BEST bar on the entire resort. Their drinks here are amazing whether you want alcohol or not. They preform live music at night when they open and offer outdoor and indoor sitting. We prefer outdoor because of the music and tiki torches. It’s a very relaxing setting. You can also get bar food from here all of which we recommend.

Goofy’s Kitchen is located next to the pool and convention center entrance is the only character dining experience located at the hotel. This place fills up fast so make reservations early! It’s pretty expensive dining experience because you get to meet all the Disney characters. They offer a breakfast buffet and a dinner buffet.

Next door to Goofy’s Kitchen (inside the convention center) is Steakhouse 55. They offer a bar and lunge setting as well as a sit down restaurant.

Steakhouse 55 Lounge is probably our 3rd favorite bar at the resort. It’s unique in the sense that you can order the full menu of the restaurant as long as you’re sitting at the actual bar. This means you can order a full steak. It’s pretty cool. If you’re not sitting at the bar there are several couches with tables to enjoy a drink at. They also offer bar food including wings, burgers, pasta, and more. It’s all really good. For dessert? Get their infamous and unlisted 24 layer chocolate cake. Be prepared to share it with 3 others…you’ll be in heaven.

Steakhouse 55 restaurant requires advanced reservations and is the best place to get a steak at Disneyland. It’s their specialty. Plan to spend $$$ when you go but it’s totally worth it. Every bite is glorious here. Sides are shared.

Pro Tip: A little known experience that guests can have at the Disneyland Hotel is Classic Afternoon Tea. Within the glamorous Hollywood-style setting of Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland Hotel, prepare for one of the most regal rituals to survive a bygone era—afternoon tea. Originally introduced to European high society in the 1800s, this relaxing respite promises to forge unforgettable memories with family and friends. It’s available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from Noon to 3pm.

Other recreation activities are available

Kid-sitting services are available for children ages 5-12. Pinocchio’s Workshop located at the Grand Californian Hotel offers fun activities for the kids while the adults escape for a few hours. $15 per hour with a minimum of 2 hours.

Mandara Spa also located over at the Grand Californian Hotel offers amazing retreats into relaxation including couples massages, saunas and steam rooms, and much more. Advanced reservations are required.

The hotel does feature a fitness center with up to date equipment. In the morning guests who sign up can participate in a power walk through the parks! It’s a really unique experience and we suggest you try it!

Discount Disneyland Hotel Rooms

Our overall recommendation of the Disneyland Hotel is YES. It’s just Magical from start to finish and worth the cost. To help you save though be sure to book your room with Get Away Today. They have the best prices on Disneyland Hotel rooms whether you’re booking a room only or a package.

If you’re debating about staying at another Disneyland Property Hotel be sure to read about Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa or Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel.