Free Disneyland Crowd Calendar

Our free Disneyland Crowd Calendar will help you save time and money at the parks!

If you’ve never used our free Disneyland Crowd Calendar you’re in for a real treat! Our crowd calendar is designed to help you save time in lines and money by helping you choose slower days or weeks for your next Disneyland vacation. The calendar is very easy to use and completely free!

How it works

If you know how a stop light works you’re golden. Even if you don’t it’s super easy to understand.

Green means GO! Small crowds and lines await you!

Yellow means Caution! Moderate crowds and lines await you!

Red means STOP! Long lines and big crowds await you!

Our free Disneyland Crowd Calendar lists every date in each month and shows which parks are going to be GREEN, YELLOW, or RED. Simply find the month and days you’re going to be at the parks and see which ones are less busy and which ones you want to avoid.


One thing that helps A LOT is the type of ticket you’ll be using. We’ve always recommended a Park Hopper ticket for this very reason. It offers the most flexibility for your vacation and days at the parks. In the case of having a Park Hopper for your trip simply select which of the two parks is going to be least busy. It can fluctuate throughout the day based on several factors including Magic Morning, Parties, Parades, and of course fireworks. If you need to switch parks.

free Disneyland crowd calendar

If you have 1 park per day tickets this free Disneyland Crowd Calendar is really going to be your best friend. You’ll want to choose the park that is least busy overall. Unfortunately you cannot switch parks if things sway but for the most part a green park vs. a yellow or red park is going to be your best bet.


We’ve been asked this question in various ways over the years. To be truthful a crowd calendar is 80% common knowledge. Crowds are going to be the largest when:

  • School’s Out – Any school break or vacation time is going to increase crowd level.
  • Holiday’s – Any holiday increased crowd levels because school’s out and so is work.
  • Summer – Everything is out! Summer is the busiest stretch at the parks all year. 3 months of craziness!
  • Weekends – Again, work’s out, school’s off and everyone wants to play!
  • Special Events – Festivals, openings for new attractions or lands, and runDisney events will draw large crowds.

Being able to avoid most or all of these will typically lead you to smaller crowds and less busier days and weeks. Keep in mind though that the parks always maintain a level of “busy” as millions of people visit them every year.

So what makes up the other 20% of the crowds? Historical data mostly with a bit of present data. We track individual days and ride wait times and basically create a line graph those shows us peaks and dips in all the parks. It’s not something you typically want to do in your free time. Trust us, it’s boring; but it does help you in the end save time so it’s totally worth it to us!

With that said please enjoy our free Disneyland Crowd Calendar by selecting the month you want to visit below.